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Life exists in moments, the moments most of you are so busy you miss

FOREVER exists in moments.

You might be breathing, but that doesn’t mean you are in your experiences, embodying your life. It doesn’t mean you know who you are, what you want and need or what your real values are.…

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Seduce Faster with Visual Rehearsal

The visual rehearsal should approach reality as close as possible so that your brain won’t be able to tell the difference.

Now start experimenting. Make some changes. Imagine how you should have approached the girl, ideally.

Imagine using a different opener and seeing how she would have reacted differently.…

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Don’t Throw it Away

All the time, people ask me, “How are you?”

I usually feel a twinge of boredom in response; I can tell that they don’t care…they’re just filling space and trying to be polite. But being polite was never the cornerstone of a great romance.

What makes a question interesting vs. being a throw-away question?…

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Alcohol vs Game

“But I’m so much more sociable after a few beers!”

This is the response I usually get when I advise students to try and go out into the field without drinking. We have a big drinking culture in the UK, and before I discovered the game I was as guilty as anyone of going out and drinking way too much. I misguidedly thought that alcohol would improve my social skills and give me a better chance of meeting girls. Guess what? I didn’t get laid! Thankfully I now think differently.…

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How To Seduce A Girl In Public

As a man, we are sometimes not only the ones who think about the opposite sex so much. Why do girls hang out as well? The reason is same as men, they want to have some fun and adventure as well.

They want some encounters which are related to sex as well. However, since it is not a norm for girls to be actively seeking out and partner and go wild, it is the guys who have to make the first actions.…

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Men Who Are Blind To The Alternatives When It Comes To Attracting Women

Imagine for a moment that you found yourself being in the state of mind where you honestly believed that you had absolutely no options when came to attracting women.

For some you this might be a relatively easy thing to do because that is what you already feeling and imagining in your mind at this moment.…

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What Turn Woman On, Is It Really Chocolate?

Is chocolate an aphrodisiac for a woman? According to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 40 percent of women admitted to craving chocolate, while only 15 percent of men found it irresistible.  Maybe it has something to do with different gender food desires, women prefer sweet and sugary, men are into salt and protein. However, there is a scientific explanation for a woman’s chocolate desire. Does chocolate really turn a woman on? …

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Attracting Women The Unknown Secrets

What would you do if you were given the chance to know the secrets of getting the women of your dreams? If you have been in a relationship one way or another, then you know how crucial it is to know the formula of getting a girl. Its pathetic that some men think they can attract women by attaining certain pleasures that they can possibly provide to their objects of attraction. If you are one of them and have failed miserably in your attempts to gain a womans favor, you may be thinking all is lost. But alas, there is …

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