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Does age truly matter?

Recently, my friend Jerry starting dating a man who’s ten years older than he is. These two guys really like each other, they have a lot in common, and there’s a strong mutual attraction; everyone who sees them together says that they seem really happy.…

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My Dating Advice For You

As a professional Psychologist, Internet Advice Columnist, and syndicated Talk Show Host, I often are asked by patients, fans, callers, and guests alike them, for dating advice, and I always tell everyone the same thing: “Keep your eyes open.” Now, there is no advice on dating that is truly universal, but this comes close to almost any types of dating.…

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Sending Flowers to Your Loved Ones

Perhaps it is because I’m a female, but flowers can brighten my day. Flowers always make me smile. I love receive them and I love sending flowers to my loved ones. I have friends that have found themselves scattering all over the country as life moves forward. We all manage to stay in touch but rarely are able to get together. I try to remember all of their birthdays and anniversaries but that becomes easier said than done.…

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Unique Christmas Gift Idea For Your Man

Are you looking for unique Christmas gift idea for your man? Many people find themselves at a loss for ideas when shopping for men, particularly if you want to make your Christmas gift personalized, memorable and special. It’s relatively easy to select a gift for a woman you met at adultfrienedfinder app ios, but choosing a Christmas gift for a man requires you put on your thinking cap. Before you opt for the necktie or after-shave, take a look at some of these creative Christmas gift ideas for the man in your life.…

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Smoking Hot Ways to Get Your Man’s Attention

For women, there is nothing worse than feeling like they are invisible to the men they love.. This is a time when insecurities run high and fears of impending breakups even higher. But there are things you can do to get your man’s attention even when you think he’s on his way through the door and out of your life.…

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